Find the best odds on The Kentucky Derby

The biggest horse racing event of the year also means (potentially) the biggest payouts in horse racing. Find the bookmakers with the best odds to bet on The Kentucky Derby and make your picks! (Keep reading for our picks on The Kentucky Derby this year).

Horse race betting at the Kentucky Derby

What are our Kentucky Derby best picks?

Horse Name Jockey Odds of winning Kentucky Derby
Contestant 1 Jockey 1 Odds not set…
Contestant 2 Jockey 2 Odds not set…
Contestant 3 Jockey 3 Odds not set…
Contestant 4 Jockey 4 Odds not set…
Contestant 5 Jockey 5 Odds not set…
Contestant 6 Jockey 6 Odds not set…
Contestant 7 Jockey 7 Odds not set…
Contestant 8 Jockey 8 Odds not set…
Contestant 9 Jockey 9 Odds not set…
Contestant 10 Jockey 10 Odds not set…

We don’t know who’s racing yet this year. But as soon as we get the lineup, we’ll be updating this article as quickly as possible! We want our users to get access to experts picks and tips for which every horse and jockey combo has the best odds in the Kentucky Derby.

Betting on horses at the Kentucky Derby can be big business. It’s the first race a horse has got to win to take home the prestigious Triple Crown. So, if you do your research early and you pick the winning horse, you might be positioned to make a lot of money if your pick wins the coveted Triple Crown. This is especially true if you can find an under-rated horse with good odds that might be overlooked by bookmakers and other punters.

How to bet on The Kentucky Derby?

  1. You need to make your research. Our picks for the Kentucky Derby are a good place to start but there are also many other experts out there. Consider their advice as well.
  2. Find a horse racing bookmaker. There are a lot of online horse racing books to choose from and you want the one with the best bonus and the best odds on the horse you think will win.
  3. Register at your chosen bookmaker. You’ll have to be prepared to give them some personal details and banking information if you want to make a deposit and bet.
  4. Search for the horse you think will win The Kentucky Derby and place your bet!

Take care with your money. It can be very enticing to bet big on the Kentucky Derby because it’s the kick-off race of the Triple Crown. If you make that bet and your horse wins, that can be a lot of money. But always only bet with what you can afford to lose. Remember, gambling is a way to enhance entertainment and not a way to make money. Sure it’s nice when you win but never count on gambling as a source of income.

The history of the Triple Crown and Kentucky Derby

Triple Crown is quite similar to a “hat trick” in soccer or hockey in that someone must win three prestigious events in a row. However, in the United States, The Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Horse Racing is the most widely known. It’s sometimes shortened to just the American Triple Crown. In this series, a horse and jockey must win three of the biggest horse racing events in the country. Starting with the Kentucky Derby, moving to the Preakness Stakes, and finally the Belmont Stakes. If you bet on the Triple Crown winner before the start of the Kentucky Derby, expect big earnings!

The races, beginning with the Kentucky Derby, always start around the end of spring and go into early summer. This year, the Kentucky Derby kicks off on May 3rd and 4th; the other events in Triple Crown follow shortly after. This event, unsurprisingly, takes place in Kentucky annually at the Churchill Down racetrack in Louisville. The event is exclusively for three-year-old thoroughbred horses. The winner of this race gets a drape of roses put around their horse’s neck which is why it’s also often referred to as “The Run for the Roses.”

Throughout the races’ history, only 13 horses have even won the Triple Crown. You might remember the horse Justify from 2018, he and jockey Mike Smith were the latest to earn the achievement.

What are the kinds of horse race bets?

There are a lot of horse race bets you can make on The Kentucky Derby. Maybe you don’t want to take the risk of betting a lot on a Triple Crown winner (that’s fairly unlikely anyway). You might find some of these types of best more to your liking:
  • Select to Win just when you make your pick of who you think will win. This is far less risky than picking the winner of The Kentucky Derby and then two other races.
  • Show bets mean that your horse must place in at least the 3rd position. Not too hard to win, but not huge payouts either.
  • Place means that you’re betting on your horse finishing in either first or second place.
  • Exacta bets are where it gets pretty difficult. Here, you’re choosing the 1st and 2nd place finishers in the correct order.
  • Trifecta bets are even more difficult (and higher paying than the previous bets. Here, you must correctly select the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers.

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